The idea for EVENTS-MAP was spawned out of a simple thinking: "I want to see what's happening in my neighborhood tonight." To create a site to accomplish this, - without years of data entry - means we must pull information about what's popular, and where it's located. Naturally, songkick is the wellspring.

EVENTS-MAP pulls publically accessible information about events on songkick. Future development will include facebook events, and a facebook application to create event recommendations and suggestions.

EVENTS-MAP is a small project. It may function slowly at times, and automatic suggestions may take some time to generate. Please be considerate. If you interested in the project, hit me up. I NEED to hear YOUR feedback.


  • EVENTS-MAP will never give your information to anyone. Ever.
  • EVENTS-MAP will never contact you. Ever.
  • EVENTS-MAP will never cost money. Ever.